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2015 “A Netflix Date” & “We spoke about time,” Blended Love Stories: projectANTHEM at Montgomery College (MC) World Arts Festival (WAF), Rockville, MD 

2015 “There are recipes in this cookbook without step by step instructions,” projectANTHEM Debut Showcase, MC WAF, Rockville, MD 

2014 What Came Before, World Ensemble Concert, Montgomery College, Rockville, MD

2013 How to be an explorer of the world, Gallery 817, UArts, Philadelphia, PA

2012 The Start is a Sunrise: a Moment of Brilliance, Silver Spring, MD

2012 On Being…, Silver Spring, MD

2011 Untitled, Starbucks Coffee, Philadelphia, PA


2020 Rerooted in Color: Painting the Possibilities, MAKE Studio, Baltimore, MD

2018 Mismatched. Wine & Design Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii

2015 Blended Love Stories (Director), projectANTHEM Showcase, World Arts Festival



2015, projectANTHEM, ArtAtNite Fundraiser, Greenbelt, MD

2015, projectANTHEM, Blended Love Stories, Fall MC World Arts Festival

2015, projectANTHEM, Debut Showcase,  Spring MC World Arts Festival

2012, Visions of a Mind Unknown, Pavel Josef Matyas, Philadelphia, Starbucks Coffee

2012, Our Voice, Our Art, Our Home: Creative Storytelling on Homelessness in Center City, Gershman Hall, UArts, Philadelphia, PA


Annually, Diversity Workshops, Montgomery Scholars, MC, Rockville, MD

2019, Honorary Speaker, 'All that glitters,' MCOGL Ceremony

2013, Student Valedictory Speaker/Valedictorian, UArts

2010 First Place winner, “The Art of Protest: Mural Painting as a Global Narrative of Struggles for Social Justice and Equality,” Beacon Conference, SUNY

2009 First Place winner, “One, Two, Hip Hop and You Don’t Stop: C-Block, Strongv, and a Black Atlantic Hip Hop," Beacon Conference, SUNY

2009, Presenter, 'The Gathering: Hip Hop at the End of Time,' MC, MD


2012 Hawaii, Painting Studio Residency, Hawaii Pacific University

2009 Trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, painting course with artist Professor Roger Botembe, Academie des Beaux Arts, Kinshasa

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